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Watch Repair Services

Restoring your timepiece to manufacture standards

With more than 30 years of watch repair services modifying and watch sales experience, we’ve completed practically every sort of fix conceivable. From a smart battery substitution to the removal of associations, to another watch band, to an absolute upgrade and substitution of the advancement, with our on-area fixes organizations, we’ll have you on your way quickly.

Moreover, we offer a full extent of organizations to prepare your favored timepiece for activity while you shop.

Band Repair

Band Replacement

Band Resizing

Battery Replacement

Complete Cleaning of the Watch Movement

Watch Repair services

Complete Watch Overhaul

Valuable stone Polishing

Valuable stone Replacement

Gasket Replacement

Association Additions or Removal

Water Resistance Testing

Recovery of Watches and Pocket Watch

Stem and Crown Repair

Watch Cleaning and Inspection

Watch Engraving

Watch Overhaul

If your watch is not working under any conditions, we are obliged to decide on one of the collected parts. Coming up is among the broad corrections we provide:

Watch Repair Services Battery Replacement:

Watches received at Tourneau offer a free battery replacement. Water-resistance testing is coordinated to identify leakage that can be fixed during naturalization.

Mechanical Watch De-Magnetism:

If mechanical disturbances have impacted on attractive parks affected by the organized section, we will lead a test and, if it is fundamental, will apply a regressive back up to its standard boundary. back without charge.

Complete Overhaul:

Repeat your watch to one of the proven line judgments that are kind and pull out its truth with dismantling, assembly progress, and improvement of fixing of the watch. Most mechanical watches must get full help every three to five years, depending on the subtle brand.


Check that water is blocked

Testing of charges extracted from conflicts that may affect the setting of a watch

Pin check on connections and replacement,

Investigate and fix, if significant, hand knives and screws,

Fragile material stopping the whole watch.

Estimates and Corrections :

Our team will change the size of a watch, paying a small personality to where it was supplied. This is complementary to any surveillance gained by us

Water Assistance Maintenance:

Replacement and oil of the fasteners and seals ensure
that water checking is continued.

Preferential circumstances:

Quality Repairs and Service

True or Typical Parts

Work is guaranteed

Honest Customer Service

Personal Price Quotes

Better Turnaround Time

About Water Resistance:

The condition of the wakecoats (back, crown and boys), precious stone, site crown, and a case can have an unfair impact on the obstruction of water. If you usually swim with your watch, a watch should check these things at any time 1-2 times a year.

The crown and pushers are usually against spills. Watches with a “screw-down” crown are the best certification.

Small breaks and chips in the precious stone can spill the dial, hurt the hands and anything can be done from that point. Whatever point any trace is developed or initiated under the pearl, have a balance on your track immediately.

Breaks on the back of the clothes are usually removed through missing or worn batches. A battery manufacturer replaces your battery consistently to ensure that a well-used gasket is properly replaced. Avoid marking batteries as they do not give much thought to a past warrior. At the point where it is said to have been done, see a string back or better screws.

Water Resistance General Guidelines:

Continuous simulation of an owner’s manual for water resistance use and support. Your watch’s water resistance should investigate the question back.

  • Water Resistant” or 30 meters (100 feet) / 3 ATM / 3 BAR
  • Casualties simply fall, do not be underwater.
  • 50 meters (165 ft) / 5 ATM / 5 BAR
  • Shower or Swim in shallow water.
  • 100 meters (330 ft) / 10 ATM / 10 BAR
  • Swimming and Snorkeling.
  • 150 meters (500 ft) / 15 ATM / 15 BAR
  • Scuba diving.
  • 200 meters (660 ft) / 20 BAR BAT / 20
  • Remote sea diving.

We incorporate the world-class lifetime and one and five-year battery ensures. Get it once and ignore paying for another battery for one year, five years or for the lifetime of that watch. At whatever point when the battery kicks the can essentially bring it back in and we will supersede expecting again. We have changed an enormous number of watch batteries and assurance that the movement will be done precisely with no mischief to your watch.

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