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—Step 01


A specialist watchmaker analyses the reason for which the watch has been submitted for maintenance and identifies the watch from its unique serial number.

—Step 02

Case disassembly

Disassembly of the case and its components (glass, back, bezel, various seals, etc.) and separation of the movement.

—Step 03

Movement disassembly

Full part-by-part disassembly of the movement.

—Step 04

Case polishing

Polishing of the case to restore the original luster to a watch that has been worn for some time.

—Step 05

Case cleaning

Cleaning of the case in special baths used for ultrasound treatment.

—Step 06

Preparing the components of the movement for cleaning

Each component of the disassembled movement is placed in containers specific to small watch parts.

—Step 07

Movement cleaning

These containers are in turn placed in specific baths inside an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

—Step 08

Case reassembly

Reassembly of the case and replacement of the necessary components (glass, pushers, tube, seals, etc.).

—Step 09

Movement reassembly

Reassembly and oiling of movement to Longines specifications.

—Step 10

Installation of case and movement

Assembly of movement (including dial and hands) in the case and complete reassembly of the watch.

—Step 11

Technical and cosmetic checks

Final technical (precision, power reserve, water resistance) and cosmetic checks on the watch, according to Longines specifications.
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