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—Complete Services

Complete Services for a Watch

A Jaeger‑LeCoultre watch is a high-precision instrument. It is therefore necessary to have it checked regularly, in particular to replace worn components and to change oils, which can break down over time. The frequency of maintenance checks varies and above all depends on the model, terms of use and climate. As soon as the rate of the watch begins to show substantial variations, we recommend entrusting it to us for a complete service.

A complete service includes the following operations:

Complete dismantling of the entire watch

Polishing and cleaning of case (incl. bracelet)

Cleaning, reassembling, oiling and adjusting of movement (replacement of used components)

Fitting dial, hands on movement and reassembly

Final controls

Following this service, you benefit from a one-year guarantee starting from the date on which the checks were completed. This guarantee expressly excludes defects resulting from accidents, mishandling, incorrect or abusive use, or any operations conducted by unauthorized third parties.

— Water- Resistance

Water-Resistance Renewal for a watch

Water-resistance is not a permanent condition. The seals that ensure the water-resistance may dry up because of the different changes of temperature to which the watch is exposed. They lose their elasticity over time and can be affected by various chemical products such as cleaning products, cosmetics or perfumes.
It is therefore necessary to have your watch checked regularly or before exposing it to prolonged and/or regular immersion in water. If you notice condensation inside your watch or if it has accidentally taken in water, we recommend entrusting it to us quickly to avoid any corrosion of components.

A water-resistance renewal includes the following operations:

Disassembly of the watch case

Cleaning of case parts

Replacement of all seals

Reassembly of the case and water-resistance testing

A water resistance renewal takes up to 3 weeks and entitles you to a 24-month guarantee from completion of the water-resistance renewal intervention.
To estimate the price of this service for your timepiece, we invite you to consult our Service Price Calculator. Please be aware that additional costs may apply in case of condensation inside the watch or if it has accidentally taken in water.

— Battery

Battery Replacement For a Quartz watch

We recommend that you have the battery changed when your quartz watch stops. If your watch is equipped with an end of battery life indication (EOL) system (in the case of mechanical or quartz chronograph calibers 630-631-633) and you notice that the seconds hand jumps once every four or five seconds, this means that the battery is about to come to the end of its working life. Please note that you are advised against leaving a used battery inside your watch since it may leak and thus damage the movement.
A battery service can be performed directly on site, either in an authorized Jaeger‑LeCoultre retailer, or a Jaeger‑LeCoultre Boutique with a watchmaker. It takes 1 week in case of return to one of our authorized Jaeger‑LeCoultre service centers and entitles you to a 24-month guarantee as of the inspection date on the battery replacement.

— Restoration

The Art Of Restoration

Our restoration craftsmen can restore your watch to its original appearance.
Whether an extremely rare, old timepiece or a more contemporary, damaged model, we treat them all with the greatest respect. We are not only restoring a watch, but also a story.
At the Manufacture, our expert restoration craftsmen have extensive skills and expertise at their disposal to restore your old or damaged watch to its original appearance.
This involves not only restoring the movement itself, but also giving your watch back its original appearance. It is vital that your timepiece does not lose its identity, or authenticity. Some old watches suffer enormously from wear and the passage of time. This forms part of their story. Our restoration watchmakers repair, replace or manufacture each component according to the watch’s needs. A multitude of highly specialized manual operations are required to restore an old watch to its former glory. Ultimately, however, it is a task that is well worth the effort.t.
Restoration takes a minimum of six months and guarantees you a 24-month warranty on the work carried out and the parts replaced, starting at the date of inspection.
The cost of this service will depend on the complexity of your watch model. Please contact your authorized Jaeger‑LeCoultre retailer or your Jaeger‑LeCoultre boutique for more information.
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