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Graham Watchmakers | Watch Repair

Graham Watchmakers | Watch Repair

Your GRAHAM watch is a masterpiece of exquisite nature, artful in its function and its aesthetics. At Time Innovations Llc, we believe that finding a reliable, trustworthy watch repair expert shouldn’t be a challenge; that’s why we service thousands upon thousands of high-end timepieces to manufacturer specifications, ensuring your GRAHAM watch’s beauty and longevity for decades to come.

At Time Innovations Llc, we are equipped and qualified to perform the following services on GRAHAM timepieces:

  • Overhaul and replacement of faulty mechanism components.
  • Replacement of exterior components including missing push-buttons, broken or shattered crystal, broken stem and crown, exchange of broken, thorn, damaged watch strap or bracelet. (all genuine replacement parts)
  • Exterior cosmetic work consists of precision buffing and polishing procedures.
  • Replacement of a battery along with gaskets and water pressure testing.

(If the service your watch requires is not listed here, please contact us prior to sending your watch for repair.)

GRAHAM Service Recommendations

The length of time that spans between your watch’s required service visits is contingent upon a number of factors, including age, frequency of usage, and home maintenance. In order to keep your GRAHAM luxury timepiece functioning optimally and looking like new, we recommend having your watch serviced at Time Innovations Llc once every four to five years. Because your watch’s internal mechanisms are constantly running, the parts require regular servicing and lubrication to keep them from rusting and seizing. Routine maintenance at Time Innovations Llc can prevent this from occurring.

Expertise and Experience in GRAHAM Watch Repair

At Time Innovations Llc, our watchmaking experts possess not only decades of experience, but a fundamental appreciation for the intricacies that comprise your luxury watch. Combined with our state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge technology, our training, and innate skills mean that your GRAHAM watches are always in the most capable, caring hands from the very moment you walk into our welcoming Time Innovations Llc watch repair shop. As the owner of such an exceptional timepiece, you’ll always be informed of any services needed as well as corresponding estimates before work begins. Watch collectors from all over the world have trusted us with their prized GRAHAM models for years, and we know you’ll be happy that you do, too.

Services We Provide for GRAHAM Watches:

Battery Change

Complete Service/Movement Overhaul

Replacement of any faulty watch parts

Analyze whether the watch parts function correctly, and check for rust or wear

Assemble and lubricate the movement in accordance with the technical documentation

Movement accuracy check and calibration if necessary

Demagnetization of the mechanism

Glass replacement

Hands replacement

Gaskets and seal replacement

Stem and crown replacement

Dial replacement or restoration

Ultrasound cleaning of the case and bracelet

Watchbands or Strap replacement

Exterior Cosmetics including Buffing, Polishing and Restoration

Pressure testing to factory specifications

GRAHAM Watches We Repair

Silverstone Stowe GMT, Silverstone Stowe 44, Silverstone Stowe, Silverstone Vintage, Silverstone Vintage 44, Swordfish Booster, Swordfish Booster Black, Silverstone RS Skeleton, Geo. Graham Tourbillon Orrery, The Moon, Provide, Chronofighter Oversize GMT Steel, Chronofighter Oversize, Chronofighter RAC/Flyback, Chronofighter Oversize GMT Steel & Gold/Gold, Chornofighter 1695 (Silver, Gold, Steel, Romantic, Lady Moon, Erotic Silver, Erotic Gold), Partnerships (LA Kings, Baja 1000, GT Asia, TT Isle of Man)

Why are GRAHAM Watches Special?

Crafted meticulously by hand for generations, GRAHAM timepieces are produced only in the brand’s own production facilities in the Swiss capital of watchmaking, La Chaux-de-Fonds. Only the highest-grade carbon fiber, steel, ceramic, sapphire crystal, and gold are utilized in the manufacture of each and every GRAHAM watch. Only an independent company with a history like this one can boast such bold, confident designs backed by traditions of excellence going back more than 300 years.

historyrical Information

“Graham” is a famous English name with longstanding roots in quality timepieces, beginning with master watchmaker George Graham. Graham was born in 1673 and lived in London, creating a variety of revolutionary devices and inventions with the idea that someday his developments would become something significant. One of his most well-known inventions, for example, is the stopwatch, a device utilized throughout the world in its original form and, as of late, digitized for use on our smartphones and computers. Graham also invented the dead-beat escapement, making clocks substantially more accurate. Though he didn’t know it at the time, his escapement would one day serve as the predecessor to what we know as the Swiss anchor movement – a fundamental feature of nearly all modern wristwatches.

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